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Our approach to SEO

Deep Engagement in the Your Business

We consistently focus on the following questions:
  • Where are Revenue Streams?
  • What Your Potential Clients are Searching for and Where?
  • What Improvements to the Existing Process can be Made?

Establish Transparent Process

Whether you're a large organization with established teams or a small business just starting out, we aim to integrate closely, making the YYCNET SEO team feel like a natural extension of your operations.

Develop Strategy

Assessing investment needs: finances, time, links, and content for targeted outcomes.
Embracing the tailored S.M.A.R.T. approach for goal-setting.
Setting sights on 6 to 12-month achievement windows.
Providing insights on traffic, timeline, and cost to prioritize pages and key queries.

Establish Monitoring and Reporting

Oversee crucial indicators: finances > orders/new clientele > leads > website visits > rankings of specific terms.
Track competitor movements.
Ensure the website's technical health is optimal.
Supervise the progression of link-building efforts.
Manage goal-directed strategies from one phase to the next.

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Other SEO agencies promise results.
We have case studies to prove it!
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SEO Presence Plan Selection



For small websites with big ambitions.

Additional charges for purchasing links and texts from $500



For clients who want to grow faster than their competitors.

Additional charges for purchasing links and texts starting at $1,000.


On request

For large and complex projects. The cost and scope of work are discussed individually.

We allocate an entire team for the client's project.


Website SEO optimization is a set of measures aimed at improving its positions in search engines. SEO specialists employ a variety of techniques, including keyword analysis, content improvement, adaptation, and enhancing the website structure. Typically, website SEO optimization comprises a series of actions focused on enhancing its positions in search engines.

SEO’s return on investment is a commitment for the long haul. It’s advisable to allocate a budget for a minimum of 12 months. Initial results from SEO efforts typically emerge after 2-3 months. Generally, clients see their goals achieved in a span of 9-12 months.

Short answer: no.
There’s the cost of work – that’s the package price.
There’s the expenditure part: links, PR, content.

In the first month, we haven’t yet conducted a niche audit and don’t understand the scope of PR. Therefore, to maintain momentum, we have a fixed price for the 1st month. On average, 30% of the budget.
After the first month of work, we have an understanding of which query clusters to prioritize. We know how many links, money, and time are needed to rank at the top.

After analyzing the niche, we once again determine the objectives and focus with you. This is crucial because sometimes the cost of link building for certain niches can be much higher than our services.

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